Zeustrack offers ISP (Internet Service Provider) Whitelists tool. It is useful when you want to restrict the traffic coming from unwanted ISPs. In other words, every visit on a landing page will be filtered and redirected if it is not coming from the ISP Whitelist. If a visit is coming from a whitelisted ISP then it will be checked for the campaign filters.

Note: ISP Whitelists are specified for a particular country and can be applied in campaigns that have the same geo.

To create a whitelist go to Settings > ISP Whitelists and press the New ISP whitelist button.

Select country where whitelist will be applied, then type in the name of ISP you want to whitelist and press the Add to list button. 

Note: You should type the name of ISP without any mistakes and typos. The best way to know the exact name of the ISP is to go to the Visits report of a campaign or a flow.

After creating a whitelist for a country you can apply it to the campaign filters. Go to Filters tab of the campaign and tick Allow only whitelisted ISPs checkbox.