Congratulations on creating your first Zeustrack campaign! 

We are looking forward to the many future successes you will find using our system. To help deliver that success, we also want to make sure that you're running your campaigns as effectively as possible. 

So how can you weed out those inefficiencies that hold you back from your greatest successes? The answer is simple; A.B.O. or Always Be Optimizing. Zeustrack will offer you incredibly detailed data and it’s essential that you are constantly analyzing that data to find opportunities to optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI (Return Of Investments). This is what’s sits at the core of all successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

With Zeustrack, we’ve already shown you that the day to day tasks don’t need to be a burden on your time and resources. We’ve shown you how much simpler it is creating domains, setting up servers in any GEO, hosting and managing landers or even filtering pages. This efficiency gives you back time and energy to focus on strategy and optimization.

Here are a few key tips to help you get started with optimizing and scaling your campaigns.

  1. Find a vertical that you are comfortable with
    Test as many verticals as possible and look at what is trending and converting well. Then decide which one is the best choice for you. This helps because you’ll know how to work with it and you’ll have a better idea of what people expect from it.
  2. Build a stack of converting offers
    Keep in mind you want to collect data to optimize your campaigns, so don’t simply chase after the highest paying offer. Those offers will most likely have the highest competition as well and it won’t be cheap to be competitive. Not to mention that you can gain a lot more data for less from lower-paying and less competitive offers.
  3. Create landing pages that inspire
    Now that you’re saving time chasing after daily mundane tasks, try to focus on building landers that people like and respond to. It doesn't have to be an overly elaborate design, it just needs to speak to them in some way that causes them to emote and take action. Rember, by the time they are visiting your lander they are on the edge of buying. Make sure to always keep track of and measure user engagement. Here’s a useful tool to measure your user's engagement.
  4. Create eye-catching and attractive ads
    Your ad is going to be the first thing people see. It’s the gateway to your potential conversion. It should stand out. Your ad copy should be clever and should speak to the desires of your targeted customer. One good strategy is to take a look at what’s already successful in similar campaigns the others are running by using Ad Spy tools to give you some perspective. These tools will let you know what ads are successfully running in a specific segment and the traffic numbers they are getting. Never just copy these ads outright. Use them as a starting point. Also, if you're just trying to copy LPs, they can sometimes contain malicious code that can keep you from getting credit for those conversions.
  5. Testing
    Once you have an idea of what ads you want to run, you are ready to optimize them. The most common and efficient way to do this is the A/B or split testing. This allows you to run multiple versions of an ad to see which one is performing better. The differences can seem minor (color of the background, text layout, ad copy or picture used…etc.), but can make a significant difference. This is an essential part of your success. DO NOT underestimate this step!

Zeustrack provides a great resource for beginning affiliate marketers to start with called -They are free online courses where you can learn everything you need to go from zero to profit! There are tons of material served up here in an easy to understand manner, so be sure to check them out. Good luck and keep on tracking!