Adding the affiliate network within Zeustrack enables users to organize offers sourced from a particular network. Advertisers can also use an ”affiliate network” label to organize their own (proprietary) offers.

Adding an affiliate network:

  1. Add a new affiliate network

  2. Define a name 

  3. Add tracking parameters (optional) 

Add the tracking parameters you would like to see back in the correct subid setting from your network. When you set up this template, the data will be automatically passed in the URL for all offers created and grouped with the related affiliate network.

To receive postbacks from the affiliate network to the tracker, you must pass a Visit ID. Use a Template field to do this. You may also pass extra data to your affiliate network, for example, campaign or lander IDs.

Switch Attach tale as is? on if you don’t need an ampersand or a question mark automatically added to the offer URL.

Switch Allow duplicate postbacks on for upsell tracking.