You can upload postback data directly to Zeustrack. A prerequisite is the presence of a click id.

Postback data can be loaded either manually or with a .csv file

  1. Go to the side menu to the Upload Postback Data section;
  2. Choose manual Text upload or CSV file upload;
  3. Enter data or upload a file;
  4. Click the Parse button - you will see the result of processing your data. Make changes if necessary;
  5. Click the Upload button to upload the data.

Postback data should be presented in the following formats:

  • clickid|payout|type|state|force if type is funnel
  • clickid|payout|type|force for any other types

Where clickid is required and the rest are optional. Each visit should be added line by line.


  • To separate columns for manual input use the | (pipe);
  • It is forbidden to use the comma character in numeric values in .csv files;
  • If, after parsing the data, the Zeustrack interface throws errors, you can still load your data, but the lines with errors will be skipped;
  • If you are loading postbacks with the funnel type, you can specify the status of the lead in the state column;
  • The force parameter if set to true forcibly records the payout value for those visits and for those offers that have a hard-set payout (payout type - manual in the offer template settings);
  • Please take into consideration that uploading large data volumes is not intended and potentially can cause problems on the client-side (depends on your computer's capabilities).