If the offer you promote requires filling out a form on the offer page, you’ll need to emulate a click to be able to track conversions in Zeustrack. This is needed because sending the form doesn't perform the click itself which is absolutely needed to send the visit ID to the affiliate network and fire a postback to Zeustrack.

Here is what you need to do to emulate the click:

  1. Paste this script on the offer page
        var linkClicked = false;
        var beacon=function(opts){opts=opts||{};opts.url=opts.url||null;opts.vars=opts.vars||{};opts.error=opts.error||function(){};opts.success=opts.success||function(){};var varsArray=[];for(var key in opts.vars){varsArray.push(key+'='+encodeURIComponent(opts.vars[key]))}var qString=varsArray.join('&');if(opts.url){var beacon=new Image();if(beacon.onerror){beacon.onerror=opts.error}if(beacon.onload){beacon.onload=opts.success}beacon.src=opts.url+(qString?'?':'')+qString}};
        function emulateClick(){if(!linkClicked){beacon({url:'http://{trackingdomain}/click/?origin={origin}'});linkClicked=true}};
  2. When sending the form data, you’ll need to call the emulateClick() function. Do the function call at onsubmit attribute of the <form> tag:
    <form onsubmit="emulateClick()">