With Zeustrack it is possible to add an iframe to the offer "thank you page" when you need to track one or more pixels and/or currency and event value after the conversion happens.

When using a lander before the offer page you need to do the following:

  1. Create more lander parameters for additional pixels and parameters for currency and event value in your Traffic Source template:
  2. Update lander links to look like this https://{trackingdomain}/click/?origin={origin}&domain={trackingdomain}&pixel={lander.param:pixel1},{lander.param:pixel2}&currency={lander.param:currency}&value={lander.param:value}
  3. Update the offer link. You should use additional parameters to make this work, so add something like ?sub1={click.var:domain}&sub2={click.var:pixel1},{click.var:pixel2}&sub3={click.var:currency}&sub4={click.var:value}
  4. When creating a campaign and choosing the traffic source template from step 1 as a traffic source; at the bottom of the General tab, you will find the Lander parameters section, where you can type the values for the pixel IDs, currency code and the value
  5. Edit the code of the offer page.
    • Copy and paste the following code under the opening <body> tag:
      var param = window.location.search;
    • Locate the place where the redirect to the thank-you page is set up (it could be right in the html code of the offer page or separate js file). The most common variants are these:
      document.location.href = "thank-you.php"
      window.location.href = "thank-you.php"
      window.location = "thank-you.php"
      document.location = "thank-you.php"
      location = "thank-you.php"
    • Update the redirect code, for example, it was like
      document.location.href = "thank-you.php"
      and you need to update like this:
      document.location.href = "thank-you.php"+ param +""
      NOTE: keep in mind that file extension or redirect method might be different than it is in the example!
    • Copy and paste the following code on the thank-you page:

      var param = eval("("+"{"+window.location.search.replace("?", "'").replace(/=/g, "':'").replace(/%2C/g, ",").replace(/&/g, "','")+"'}"+")");
      document.write('<iframe id="iframeFbp" src="https://'+param.sub1+'/__thankspage?pid='+param.sub2+'&cur='+param.sub3+'&value='+param.sub4+'&ev=Purchase" style="width: 0; height: 0; border: 0; border: none; position: absolute;"></iframe>');