In order to add a new user to the team you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Team managementUsers section of the main menu and click on the New user button;

  2. Enter the Nickname of the new user (optional field).

  3. Enter the Email address of the new user. This email will be used as the login for the new user. Zeustrack notifications and mailings will also be sent to this email (required field);

  4. Enter and confirm the password (PasswordPassword confirmation) for the new user. This password will be used to log in to Zeustrack in conjunction with the email from step 3. Be sure to save the password for a while in a safe place as you will need to send it to the new user (required field);

  5. Set the Role of the new user in the team (required field). Roles will serve as user access levels for team data. A user can be given several roles, in case you need to expand their user access rights. The list and description of roles can be found here;

  6. Upload the user avatar for easier identification (optional);

  7. Click the Create & Close button;

  8. Send the email, password, and the URL of your team in Zeustrack to the new user so that they can log in to their account.