Frequently, you’ll have repetitive fragments of code in your landers (for example a link to the offeror a tracking pixel code.). To eliminate this  Zeustrack offers the code snippets for Zeustrack Cloud landers. With Zeustrack you only need to specify a snippet of the lander code. Once the lander is loaded the entire code will be rendered. 

Example: If you’ve created offer URL snippet or Facebook pixel snippet you can simply type in the lander code editor {snippet:offer_url} and {snippet:fbpixel}.

To create a snippet go to Lander > Lander Snippets and press the New Snippet button.

Placeholder: This field is where you type the name of the snippet and the text can then be used when inserting the snippet inside your code;

Description: This is an optional field describing what the snippet does; useful when you have a number of team members;

Snippet: This is the actual repetitive code you will use as a snippet.

To use, just type {snippet:SNIPPET_NAME} within your lander code. We recommend creating at least two of the most utilized snippets: {snippet:offer_url} and {snippet:fbpixel}. See the example code below.

Offer URL


Facebook pixel

var _fbpixel = '{lander.param:fbpixel}';
if (_fbpixel) {
fbq('init', _fbpixel);
} else {
    var fbq = function(){};
<noscript><img height="1"style="display:none"src="{lander.param:fbpixel}&ev=PageView&noscript=1"/></noscript>

Zeustrack Tip:

You can use placeholders in your snippets. Refer to this instructions for more info about placeholders.