1. Add a new offer and define the name;
    Offers > New offer
  2. Select the affiliate network; 

  3. Select countries (Optional); 

  4. Add offer url;
    You can find affiliate network-specific parameters at the right-hand side of the offer URL field (e.g. visit.id). You can edit these parameters in the affiliate network settings.

  5. Select the variables; 
    The selected variables will be automatically passed to your affiliate network.

  6. Set the payout;
    If your affiliate network has the ability to pass the payout in USD you may set this parameter in the tracking parameters of the affiliate network settings. Choose the Auto option in the Payout type or Choose Manual, if you want to manually set the payout for the offer.
  7. Set up final postback with your affiliate network;
    Check here for a common postback setup.

CAP setup

Most Affiliate Networks have some offers that have a limitation on the number of conversions, also called Caps. The cap settings in Zeustrack help you manage these settings automatically, so you don’t have to monitor and redirect the conversions.  With Cap settings, visitors will be automatically redirected to whatever you set in Zeustrack cap settings.

  1. Go to the Offer settings; 

  2. Scroll down to the Cap settings;

  3. Untick the Disabled checkmark and set desired number of leads that will be accepted before redirecting to the backup offer;

  4. Set the timezone for the conversion count;

  5. Select the offer you want the traffic to go to when the initial offer has reached its Cap;

  6. Save settings.

Zeustrack alert:

Every cap or timezone change will reset the current amount of leads.

Always make sure that tracking is set up and implemented correctly so Zeustrack will always be able to detect when the conversion cap has reached its limit.

Check that there is a redirect offer for the leads to go to when the initial offer cap is filled.

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