Register Digital Ocean account

  1. Go to Digital Ocean sign up page, or if you already have a Digital Ocean account, go to LOGIN PAGE
  2. Sign up by filling in email and password
  3. Confirm email address
  4. Enter billing info on Digital Ocean

Select your preferred payment method and enter your details.

Get API key from Digital Ocean

  1. Go to API > Token/Keys tab;
  2. Press Generate New Token button;

  3. In the pop-up form enter the token name, e.g. "Zeus", tick the "Write" checkbox if it is unchecked (required) and press Generate Token;

  4. Copy newly created token, press copy link;

  5. Now, back in Zeustak go to Websites > Cloud Accounts and press the New account button. In the cloud account wizard choose Digital Ocean option.
  6. Set the desired name for your account (something that made sense to you) in the Account Name field and paste your token from Digital Ocean to the API Key field. Press the Create & Close button.

You're done with Digital Ocean integration to Zeustrak. Now you can create a server with a couple of clicks and get rid of tons of advanced server work.