The Overview of How DNS Works

The domain name system (DNS) is an area that might be confusing for the non-professionals. How does it work? What are A-records, how to add this record? We’ll try to clear it up.

The DNS in its essence is a database that links meaningful for human beings names (known as hostnames), like, to a specific IP-address, such as The best abstraction for DNS is the phonebook, where telephone number (IP-address) belongs to a person’s name (hostname). If the hostname and its relation to IP-address are unknown for DNS, visitors wouldn’t be able to open your website.

Host-name-to-the-IP-address mapping is the very beginning, but since you understand the concept have no fear, everything is going to be clear. 

Mappings of IPs to names and vice versa known as records. The only record you need to understand (because you’ll need to set it up when you begin tracking with Zeustrack) is the Address record or usually spelled as the A-record. So A-record binds the name of your website with the IP-address of your website server and when you type your website address in the browser A-record tells the DNS what server should be connected.

Now you know what are DNS and A-record and that you need to add A-record to DNS to make your website accessible over the Internet.

But how do you add A-record to DNS? Let’s find out in this article.